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Mantra-Chants from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany. Sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes in a more meditative mood; sometimes classical, sometimes more modern. Sivananda tradition. Mantras, Kirtan, Recitations of Shlokas, Stotras, Suktams.

Mantra Chanting is a wonderful practice for opening of the heart, for activating Divine energy, for experiencing higher levels of Consicousness. Find the most popular Mantras, Kirtans and Stotras for free download as mp3. Most Mantras in this Mantra Podcast are in Sanskrit, some in Hindi, some Kirtans are in English, German or other languages. Experence Bliss! Kirtan Mantra Chanting for Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, Hanuman, Durga, Lakshmi, Kali, Saraswati ...

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18.09.17, 14:10:00

Narayana Sukta mp3 Audio for recitation by Swami-Yoga

Download (4,2 MB)

Recitation audio mp3 of the Narayana Sukta. So you can learn to recite Narayana Sukta by yourself. Or simply listen to this mantra recitation, let yourself be inspired. This recitation comes from Swami Yoga from the Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh.
Narayana Sukta is an ancient Veda mantra. It calls on the energy and blessing of Vishnu, for the power of love and peace.

We hope that with this Narayana Sukta recitation you will get much inspiration and joy. By the way: For the recitation, it is, of course, best to have the text. You can find the text for this Sanskrit mantra by clicking on Narayana Sukta. Here you can also find translations, explanations, recitation videos and notes. Listen regularly to this Narayana Sukta recitation, this Narayana Sukta mp3 audio.

15.09.17, 14:10:00

Nataraja Shiva Shambho with Sundaram

Download (19,2 MB)

Sundaram chants the kirtan Nataraja during a Saturday evening satsang at Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg, Germany.

Natarājā Natarājā Shiva Shiva Shambo
Natarājā Natarājā Mahadeva Shambo
Om Namah Shivaya ....
... Natarājā Natarājā.

Nataraja is a powerful and moving mantra that is a praise to Shiva, "the dancing god" and one of his many names is "Nataraja". - A recording of Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg, much pleasure with it! Sundaram offers mantra yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya. More seminars with Sundaram at Yoga Vidya. If you want to know more about Sundaram and his music, then you will find more on his website and on iTunes.

11.09.17, 14:10:00

Shri Suktam Recitation by Swami Yoga

Download (3,7 MB)

Swami Yoga from the Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh recites the Shri Suktam, a hymn to the worship of Lakshmi, also called Shri. Shri Sukta is an ancient mantra from the Vedas, a hymn. In the Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh Shri Suktam is recited in every evening satsang. At Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg, this hymn to the invocation of the Cosmic Love is recited every evening during the Stotra singing at 19.20h.

08.09.17, 14:10:00

Kali Durge Namo Namah - Mantra Chanting with Ishwara

Download (25,9 MB)

Ishwara from Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg, Germany, sings the kirtan Kali Durge Namo Namah. This is a Devi Kirtan, a Kirtan for the worship of the Divine Mother in the form of Durga and Kali, expressing the longing for security and the experience of the Divine Mother.

Oh Kali, oh Durga, I worship you again and again. Oh Uma, Oh Parvati, you are an embodiment of love and joy.

It is a kirtan that helps to solve blockages. It is called "Kali Durge Namo Namah". "Namo Namah" means "reverence and again", the Kali, the dark goddess and the Durga, who is riding on a tiger and overcoming all the negativities. This divine mother is "Uma Parvati Ananda Mayi".

Here is the text for sing along, you can find it also in the Yoga Vidya Kirtanheft under number 305:

Kali Durge Namo Namaha
Kali Durge Namo Namaha
Kali Durge Namo Namah // 1 //

Uma Parvati Anandamayi
Kali Durge Namo Namah // 2 //

Ma Kali Durge Namo Namaha
Kali Durge Namo Namah // 3 //

Raja-rajeshvari Ananda-ma
Tripura-sundari Ananda-ma // 4 //

Kali Durge Namo Namaha
Kali Durge Namo Namah // 5 //

Mahashakti Ananda-ma
Ma Kali Durge Namo Namah // 6 //

Kali Durge Namo Namaha
Kali Durge Namo Namah // 7 //

01.09.17, 14:10:00

Shiva Shiva Shambho chanted by new yogateacher

Download (9,3 MB)

A group of new yogateacher sings the kirtan "Shiva Shiva Shambo" during a saturday evening satsang at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany. You can find the text in the Yoga Vidya Kirtan Songbook as number 261 or here:

Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambho
Mahadeva Shambho

Śiva śiva śiva śambho
Mahādeva śambho

शिव शिव शम भो्भो
देवाशम भो्भो

If you are interested in mantra chanting, then you will find numerous seminars with mantra chanting and music in the Yoga Vidya Online seminar catalog. It is also possible to book a yoga holiday week in one of the four Yoga Vidya Ashrams as an individual guest and to create your own yoga holiday. In the morning and in the evening, you can sing kirtan together with other people in the satsangs.

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