Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra: Sanskrit Chants For Spiritual Development and Joy of Heart

01.11.11, 07:24:00

Avahana Homa Mantras Part 1 with Sitaram

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Starting with this item we would like to present you a series of homa mantras, - mantras which are chanted or recite during a Homa Puja. There will be 17 podcasts altogether. Very sacred, very ancient Homa Mantras. Afterwards we will continue with normal Kirtan. The beginning is the Avahana Homa Mantra - recite by Sitaram. The Homa mantras are chanted each morning at the Yoga Vidya Ashram in Bad Meinberg. To chant, sing or recite this mantra can be helpful to learn how they have to be chanted or recite. We start this serie for all those who participated at a Homa seminar or at an indian ritual class or who participated at one of our morning Homa pujas. The power of these mantras open up to you by listening itself. We wish you energy, mighty power and blessings. More about the meaning of Mantras can be found in German on our Yoga Vidya websites. - Om Shanti.

Today I want to present another interesting Podcast, the Yoga Vidya Tägliche Inspirationen Podcast. This Podcast is in German only, and it is just Audio. So, if you don't speak German, this Podcast is not for you. For our German viewers: Der Yoga Vidya Tägliche Inspirationen Podcast besteht aus täglichen Hörsendungen: Ein kurzer Vortrag, entweder aus den Morgen-Satsangs, oder ein extra für den Podcast gelesener Kommentar zur Bhagavad Gita, zum Yoga Sutra oder zu andere Schriften. Hier der RSS Feed: http://yoga-inspirationen.podspot.de/rss

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