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07.05.10, 08:08:00

Kumbaya my Lord chanted by Atmanshanti

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Atmanshanti chants the spiritual Kumbaya my Lord. If you are looking for the musical notes have a view to this page: http://mein.yoga-vidya.de/profiles/blogs/kumbaya-my-lord - the song "Kum ba yah" is orginal an African-American Hebrew (YAH) spiritual song from the 1930s created in the United States. It enjoyed newfound popularity during the folk revival of the 1960s and became a standard campfire song in Scouting and other nature-oriented organizations. Originally is this song associated with human and spiritual unity, closeness and compassion, and it still is, but more recently it is also cited or alluded to in satirical, sarcastic or even cynical ways that suggest blind or false moralizing, hypocrisy, or naively optimistic views of the world and human nature. ( Source: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumbaya )

We hope you enjoy this version of Kumbaya my Lord
Kumbaya my Lord Kumbaya (2x)
Someone’s singing, my Lord, Kumbaya
... praying ... crying ... laughing

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