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04.11.11, 07:09:00

Purify and energize the water element - Homa Mantras part 4

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Purify and charging the water element during a homa puja - homa mantras part 4 - Sitaram recite the homa mantra purifying and charging the water element. - This is part 4 of our Homa mantras podcast. More infos about can be found here: Mantra on our Yoga Vidya websites. Om Shanti, yours Omkara.

Today I want to introduce the Yoga Vedanta Audio Podcast. This Podcast consists of talks by Yoga Teachers and Yoga Masters who give talks and workshops on Yoga, Vedanta, Meditation and Spiritual Life. The talks can be shorter or longer. They are in English Language. Try them out! Here is the RSS Feed http://yoga-vedanta-tantra.org/?feed=podcast

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