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04.03.13, 16:29:00

The River Is Flowing - excerpt of the concert with Fantuzzi @Yoga_Vidya #Musikfestival 2012

Download (9,5 MB)

Fantuzzi was one of the top act at the 8th Yoga Vidya Music Festival 2012. He sings in this excerpt of his concert at Yoga Vidya in Spanish the Spiritual »The river is flowing, flowing and growing. The river is flowing back to the sea. Mother Earth carry me, your child I will always be, Mother Earth carry me, back to the sea.« and continues to the english version of this spiritual. It's quite fantastic what follows on the Spiritual ... - over 10 minutes magic and fascination, joy of life are difficult to compress into a MP3 file, but maybe this recording gives an impression of how exhilarating the 8th Music Festival has been - from 9th to 13th May 2013 will start the ninth Yoga Vidya Music Festival in 2013 again with fantastic artists. - More about Fantuzzi and his music can be found on his musician website www.fantuzzimusic.com.

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