Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra: Sanskrit Chants For Spiritual Development and Joy of Heart

10.05.10, 08:05:00

Hare Krishna Hare Hare chanted with Juergen

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Hare Krishna Hare Hare chanted by Juergen. The word Krishna means in Sanskrit "dark" and symbolizes the highest consciousness. Traditionally, Krishna is depicted with blue skin color and yellow (peetambara) clothing. The yellow color stands for the infinity and is the color of the earth. Krishna blue body with yellow clothes thus represents the pure, infinite consciousness that incarnated on earth to play in his limited body a role. Krishna moved the world in his spell with his charming, divine music. The flute represents immobile matter. Even the flute can not produce music, but if the Lord does that, she charmed everyone. The holes in the flute symbolize the senses, mind and intellect, which is expressed by the divine. Come and join to sing along with Jürgen the Maha Mantra. You can find more mantras like this at http://www.yoga-vidya.de/de/service/blog/category/podcast/mantra/ Om Shanti Om

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