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Kailash Ki Shakti Shiva with Devedas - Satyadevi and Anandini

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Devadas, Satyadevi and Anandini sing and perform during a Yoga Vidya satsang the popular Shiva kirtan "Kailash Ki Shakti Shiva". You'll find the lyrics for this kirtan in the Yoga Vidya Kirtanheft under number 268. Let yourself be touched and inspire by the devoted and heart-opening offering. Just sing along! Here is the text of this mantra:

Kailash Ki Shakti Shiva
Shankara Ki Jaya Jaya
Yamuna Ki Jaya Jaya
Ganga Ki Jaya Jaya
Om Namoh Shivaya
Namah Shivaya

Shiva translates as the "auspicious", " the lover " and " the Good ". He symbolizes the power of transformation, the personification of the power of universal destruction. The one who terminated existence and let new ones appear. Sometimes he dances the dance of creation, as Nataraja. The feminine aspect of Shiva is Durga, the universal mother.

Website of Anandini: www.anandini.de,
website of Devadas: www.devadas.de,
seminars with Satyadevi: yoga-vidya.de/seminare/leiter/satyadevi-bretz.

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