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04.09.20, 12:00:00

Kali Ma with Vani Devi

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Vani Devi sings the mantra Kali Ma. You can find it in the Yoga Vidya Kirtan Booklet under number 301.

"Kali Ma" is one of the most popular Kirtans at Yoga Vidya. It is a Kirtan that is easy to sing, with a beautiful melody, a very dynamic melody, advancing melody. Typically you don't accelerate this kirtan, but you sing it again and again with this dynamic. It is a kirtan that gives confidence, a kirtan that worships the divine mother in her various forms. Sing along and let your heart be touched.

Here is the text to sing along:

Kali Ma
Kali Ma, Kali Ma,
Kali Ma, Kali Ma

Durga Ma...
Lakshmi Ma...
Sarasvati Ma...
Maria Ma...
Mother Ma...
Be With Me...
Set Me Free...

For more kirtan and mantra vocal recordings click here. Further information about yoga, meditation and ayurveda can be found on the internet pages of Yoga Vidya.

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