Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra: Sanskrit Chants For Spiritual Development and Joy of Heart

06.02.15, 15:05:00

May the Love we Share chanted by Satyadevi

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Satyadevi chants the spiritual song "May the love we share", which can be found in the Yoga Vidya Kirtan Songbook as No. 561. But to sing along this song here is the text for you:

May the Love we Share
May spread it's wings
Fly across the earth
And bring our joy to every soul
That is alive
May the blessings of the universe
Shine on every one
So that we all see god´s light
Light within
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all the beings in all the worlds be happy
Salam Aleikum Aleikum A Salam
Salam Aleikum Aleikum A Salam Salam Aleiku.

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