Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra: Sanskrit Chants For Spiritual Development and Joy of Heart

26.02.21, 12:00:00

Shiva Shiva Shambho with a Kirtan Chanting Group

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Listen to a seminar group as they sing the kirtan Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambho on a Saturday evening satsang at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany. Singing Mantra with Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambho can go very deep to the heart. One begins the Shiva Shiva Shambho kirtan mostly very calm and carried, very meditative. With each repetition you get a bit faster until everyone is clapping, drumming, maybe even dancing and getting into ecstasy. Shiva literally means "the loving", "the kind", "the lucky". Shiva is Shambho, and Shambho also means "the one who brings happiness and prosperity and who is also happiness and prosperity". He is Mahadeva, the great God. So these are simply three names sung in succession, "Shiva Shambho and Mahadev", three of the most popular names of Shiva, which can express love, goodness and greatness.

Here is the text to sing along:

Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambho
Mahadeva Shambho

For more kirtan and mantra vocal recordings click here. All seminars on mantra and music can be found here. Further information about yoga, meditation and ayurveda can be found on the internet pages of Yoga Vidya.

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