Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra: Sanskrit Chants For Spiritual Development and Joy of Heart

07.08.15, 16:31:00

Shri Ram Jaya Ram mantra singing with Matthias

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Matthias sings the mantra Shri Ram Jaya Ram in antiphony with other yoga aspirants during a saturday evening satsang at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany. You'll find the text for this kirtan in the Yoga Vidya Kirtan Songbook as No. 202. Matthias sings a short version of this mantra: Shrī Rām Jaya Rām Jaya Jaya Rām - and at 6.21 min he change to the Gopala Gopala Kirtan. - More infos (in German) about or on yoga and meditation can be found on the webpages of Yoga Vidya.

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